Trandumskogen tank shooting range

One of the great things about cycling is that you get chance to see things that you wouldn’t normally see! Trandomskogen is a great example of this. It’s a historical war memorial about 50 km from Oslo. It was constructed during WW2 by the occupation forces and used as a tank shooting range and – sadly – as an execution site. No less than 194 people were executed here during the war. Most of them Norwegians, but also British and Sovjet citizens. Several of these people didn’t get a trial. It’s emotianally overwhelming to ride through this historical sight. The construction is spectular, and despite the dark history, it’s a place I wanna go back to again. It’s a beautiful forrest and for sure it’s worth a ride to pay a visit!

I passed through Trandumskogen on the way back from a small mini adventure I had to Konsgvinger, but I’ve made a suggested route from Oslo and back:

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