Cycling in winter wonderland

There’s a special feeling about going out riding in the snow. It’s a very unique feeling. Even though it might be very cold sometimes it all basically comes down to being dressed properly. A few weeks ago I went out in the woods with a photographer and a two of my fellow road captains from Oslo Dawn Patrol. I wanted to make sure that we got some good coverage of how great winter cycling actually is!

Over the last 3-4 years I’ve seen more and more people riding all year round – also through deep winter as we have now. The day we took the photos it was freaking cold. Around -15-17 degrees Celcius. Admittedly, that was cold! Especially when on a photoshoot since you have quite a bit of stop and go. But during a normal ride you can actully stay warm on a ride like this. Ok – it might get a bit chilly on your toes and fingers from time to time. But trust me! It’s worth it.