Trandumskogen tank shooting range

One of the great things about cycling is that you get chance to see things that you wouldn’t normally see! Trandomskogen is a great example of this. It’s a historical war memorial about 50 km from Oslo. It was constructed during WW2 by the occupation forces and used as a tank shooting range and – sadly – as an execution site. No less than 194 people were executed here during the war. Most of them Norwegians, but also British and Sovjet citizens. Several of these people didn’t get a trial. It’s emotianally overwhelming to ride through this historical sight. The construction is spectular, and despite the dark history, it’s a place I wanna go back to again. It’s a beautiful forrest and for sure it’s worth a ride to pay a visit!

I passed through Trandumskogen on the way back from a small mini adventure I had to Konsgvinger, but I’ve made a suggested route from Oslo and back:

Cycling in winter wonderland

There’s a special feeling about going out riding in the snow. It’s a very unique feeling. Even though it might be very cold sometimes it all basically comes down to being dressed properly. A few weeks ago I went out in the woods with a photographer and a two of my fellow road captains from Oslo Dawn Patrol. I wanted to make sure that we got some good coverage of how great winter cycling actually is!

Over the last 3-4 years I’ve seen more and more people riding all year round – also through deep winter as we have now. The day we took the photos it was freaking cold. Around -15-17 degrees Celcius. Admittedly, that was cold! Especially when on a photoshoot since you have quite a bit of stop and go. But during a normal ride you can actully stay warm on a ride like this. Ok – it might get a bit chilly on your toes and fingers from time to time. But trust me! It’s worth it.

Solo Dawn Patrol during COVID-19

With the strong COVID-19 restrictions that were implemented 10 days ago in Norway came also the inevitable cancellation of Oslo Dawn Patrol. This was a very easy decision! In the Facebook group for all who’ve joined Oslo Dawn Patrol at least once, I immediately posted the below message:

Shortly after, this was followed by restrictions in the group to organize group rides. It’s such a shame that I had to limit the activity in the group this way. But there was no choice. I cannot risk having Oslo Dawn Patrol connected to violations of the COVID-19 restrictions in Norway. I just hope that the algorithm of Facebook doesn’t kill the group completely over the next weeks or months due to lower activity.

Luckily a good friend – and graphic designer – ( was quick to re-design a temporary Oslo Dawn Patrol logo for us. So until further notice its Solo Dawn Patrol.

Oslo Dawn Patrol becomes Solo Dawn Patrol

All that being said, I’m already in planning mode for a big come back social ride. DARE Bikes Europe has committed to provide service car and I hope to come up with something that can really bring us all together and out on the bike again. Can’t wait!