Midsummer Patrol 2020

On Friday I organised yet another Midsummer Patrol. This is the third year in a row I do this. One of the reasons I love the summer in Scandinavia is the incredible amount of daylight you have during the summer months. So roll-out was at 17.00 and then we headed out on a beautiful 153 km route around Follo south-east of Oslo.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions I had to be sure that I had full control over who attended and also limit the number of people That’s why I arranged three groups of 15 each. Everyone signed up via a booking page and there was even a waitinglist. Unfortunately, I had to turn down those on the waiting list that didn’t get a last minute spot after a few cancellations on the day.

DARE Bikes Norge was there to support us with a service car. That feels good when you’re our on 6 hour ride with 45 cyclists.

We all did the same route, but one group rode at a bit lower speed than the other two. This way I managed to make the ride attractive to most cyclists – though a certain level of experience will always be a requirement when doing a 150 km ride. A learning for next year is to be more clear on the level in each group so people don’t sign up for a group that’s too fast. But interestingly, it is those who suffered the most during the ride that has come back with most enthusiastic feed back. And they’ve done so without even being asked to give feedback.

After the ride a lot of us (at least 25) met at The Hub bar at Clarion Hotel The Hub in central Oslo. They had an out door seating area where we could be and have a good eye on our bikes. Out door was good for Covid-19 reasons, but also since we were pretty sweaty after 6 hours of cycling in 25-30 degrees 🙂

All in all this was absolutely fantastic. For sure a tradition that will be back next year!


As you may know I have the privilege of being an ambassador for DARE Bikes Europe. About a month ago we went out to do some filming about solo riding. This was at a time when the Covid-19 lock down was pretty strict, riding solo was the only option at the timme. The result was pretty cool. Check it out here:

Thanks to DARE for making this great film 🙂

Sponsors – Chapter 2

A few weeks ago I called for sponsors of Oslo Dawn Patrol. Not the entire event, but just someone to pick up the coffee bill. A few actually did reach out to get more information about this. But I also had the chance to discuss with a number of trust worthy and knowledgeable people in my network.

Based on the feedback I’ve had I’ve decided to kill the idea of sponsors. I don’t want Oslo Dawn Patrol to be a commercial event. It’s an environment where people join because of cycling and the social community. And I want it to stay like that.

Therefore, there will be no sponsoring of Oslo Dawn Patrol. It’s a commercial free zone. We are there to ride our bikes and just have a great time together.

Oslo Dawn Patrol and sponsors

I am often being asked whether I’d build club or team based on Oslo Dawn Patrol. But until know I’ve rejected the idea. And I still do – because I want it to be an open social cycling event for everyone. If I change it to a team or club there will suddenly be a barrier for joining. And that’s not the purpose of it. The whole idea is that we meet. We ride. We socialize.

All that being said, I’ve realized that there might be a potential for inviting sponsors to host the coffee we are having at Supreme Roastworks every week. During the summer season (April-October) we are a crowd of between 30 and 50 people hitting the cafe. Until now we’ve all paid our own coffee and whatever we may have. The total spending of the group is in the area of 1.000,- to 1.500,- kr each time. This is where I’d like sponsors to chip in. It doesn’t have to be the same sponsor every week. It can change. I’m open to anything. I just want the people joining Oslo Dawn Patrol to have great morning and to be able continue their day with a good feeling. And I don’t think a cup of coffee sponsored by someone with a commercial interest is going to ruin that – rather the opposite!

Of course a sponsor would need some sort of exposure. They won’t get access to the naming convention. Oslo Dawn Patrol is called Oslo Dawn Patrol. But the sponsor will get a number of honorable mentions – both in real life and in social media. And at Supreme Roastworks we’ll arrange a prominently positioned sign around the ODP coffee station. It might even be an option with a small stand where people can get more details about the sponsor. For sure, no one will leave without being fully informed about who paid their coffee.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this then please send them in my direction. Contact details are here: https://www.hansflensted.cc/contact/